Fosstrak EPCIS used in Norwegian Food Chain RFID Tracking

January 24, 2011

The RFIDJournal is reporting today about an RFID deployment in Norway by Hrafn that uses the Fosstrak EPCIS:

NLP was established in 2006 as an organization for reducing the environmental footprint of the logistics operations within the Norwegian fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) supply chain. The RFID pilot is being managed by Hrafn (the Norse word for raven, symbolizing the two birds of Odin), an RFID consultancy and the pilot’s chief architect. The RFID infrastructure includes fixed readers provided by Impinj, antennas from Intermec and handheld readers supplied by Nordic ID, as well asTag Acquisition Processor (TAP) middleware from Reva Systems. Hrafn is also hosting Electronic Produce Code Information Services (EPCIS) software used to store RFID data and make it available to supply chain participants, employing the open-source EPCIS software known as Fosstrak (seeOpen-Source EPCIS Catching On). Lexit Group is installing and integrating the hardware and providing software that links a user’s back-end information, such as the order number and ship-to-location Global Location Number (GLN) code, with the pallets’ tag ID numbers, while Telenor Ojects‘ Shepherd platform links data from read events to the EPCIS software, while also providing hardware monitoring by detecting errors such as connectivity problems with a reader or antennas out of service.

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