Mark Roberti of the RFIDJournal writes about Fosstrak

November 5, 2009

Mark Roberti, editor of the RFIDJournal, writes about Fosstrak and the adoption of open source EPCIS on his blog.

2000th download of Fosstrak EPCIS

October 30, 2009

We are very happen to announce that the Fosstrak open source EPCIS repository has just been downloaded for the 2000th time since the initial releaseĀ  in 2007. This makes the Fosstrak EPCIS repository probably the most widely deployed implementation of the EPCglobal EPCIS standard. We’ve come along way from the initial alpha release back in 2007 to today’s EPCglobal certified version that is seeing significant use by a broad spectrum of users – both in academia and in industry.